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Cultural Activities

The Attic Theatre / Theatr y Daflod   


History:  The Attic players was formed in 1932 by Mrs Edwin James formed an amateur dramatic society known at that time as Newcastle Emlyn Dramatic Society.  These were days before television when young people in the town were hard put to find entertainment.  Mrs James was a stalwart of the Women's Institute and Mrs Edwin James was manager of Barclays Bank in the town and allowed young people to rehearse their plays in the spacious attic above the bank - Hence the name 'Attic Players'.
The first production @Eliza comes to Stay' was presented for two nights at the Central Hall  (now the closed Emlyn Hall in Castle Street).  Meetings and rehearsals continued at the bank until 1945 when Mr James retired.  Various other venues in the town were then used for rehearsals - 'The Printers', function room at the Cawdor Hotel, the old Blubell Inn (now Nahar Indian restaurant) and members' homes.
In 1973 Newcastle Emlyn Town Council allowed the Company to rent the upper room of the Cawdor Hall giving them a permanent home.  The first play to be performed in their new venue was 'Johnny Belinda' by Elmer Harris.  The company presented one production a year and toured the districts, providing entertainment outside the imediate town.  There was no break, even during the war years.
In 1976 the 'Junior Attics' were formed by Mrs Marion Jones for young people aged 8-18.  Their first production was 'The happiest days of your life' and now the new JAGS group continue to regularly perform at the Theatre.
Many improvements have been made over the years - the auditorium has been renovated including new seating and a lottery grant has funded more and better lighting and music systems.
Not many small towns can boast award winning dramatic society lasting over 77 years - 'treasures' in Newcastle Emlyn's 'attic'.
The company currently produces three or four production a year -

Eisteddford Gadeiriol

Annual event held at Ysgol Gyfun Emlyn Secondary School


Allen Raine Appreciation Society